Saturday, November 20, 2010

Dreams of "home"

Last night I dreamed twice of "home".  The house I grew up in.  We moved there when I was 7 and I'm pretty sure I wanted to move by the time I was 10.  But we never moved, and I didn't move out until I was almost 19, therefore it was home.  So last night I dreamed of the kitchen mostly.  It was a small cramped white kitchen.  It was shaped in a U because the stove was in the middle of it, and on the other side of the stove was a table ledge and we had a bench we could sit on.  Quite quaint.  The first dream featured my Uncle.  I don't remember any details, but he was there, and possibly my mom too, in the kitchen.  The second dream was my mom and her friend.  Again in the kitchen.  I think my mom was cooking  a Thanksgiving meal, or at least a meal fit for company.  And I sat there watching her and her friend, an observer only. 

When I awoke, I wondered why I would dream of my old home, especially the kitchen.  And my mom, and my uncle, and my mom's friend.  I often have strange dreams, but this one was relatively normal, which is odd in and of itself.  Thing is, all 3 of these people are having issues.  A brief post about an accident for my uncle on Facebook, though I never asked for details.  My mom with her health issues and her trying to take care of everyone else when its herself she needs to take care of but cannot, faced with so many choices, each as bad as the other.  And her friend, unable to let go of a relationship, and other things, last I heard.  There was no undertone to the dream, no sadness, or fright, or anything bad.  It just was what it was.  A dream, or a prayer, that they can all come "home" with their issues, and it will all be OK.

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