Saturday, November 20, 2010

Dreams of "home"

Last night I dreamed twice of "home".  The house I grew up in.  We moved there when I was 7 and I'm pretty sure I wanted to move by the time I was 10.  But we never moved, and I didn't move out until I was almost 19, therefore it was home.  So last night I dreamed of the kitchen mostly.  It was a small cramped white kitchen.  It was shaped in a U because the stove was in the middle of it, and on the other side of the stove was a table ledge and we had a bench we could sit on.  Quite quaint.  The first dream featured my Uncle.  I don't remember any details, but he was there, and possibly my mom too, in the kitchen.  The second dream was my mom and her friend.  Again in the kitchen.  I think my mom was cooking  a Thanksgiving meal, or at least a meal fit for company.  And I sat there watching her and her friend, an observer only. 

Tuesday, November 16, 2010


Well, I started this blog mainly to be able to follow my other bloggers.  We'll see if I actually blog....  But I guess I'll start with a real blog.  My name is Sarah, I'm 30, I have 2 kids, 12 yr old Cole, 19 month old Kaylan.  I live with my kids and my boyfriend Ben along with 2 cats Asha and Nemo, and a bird Al.  I work as a Scientist at a pharmaceutical company testing inhalation products.  My son has issues in school but is creative and full of ideas.  My daughter is a late talker but signs some and has other ways of communicating.  I'd like to lose weight but its more often than not not happening.  But I'll keep trying :)